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Welcome to My website!!

At the very core of Rap and Hip Hop Music it's originators wrote poems and delivered or rapped these lyrics to a beat. These lyrics told tales of what was going on in thier communities, and how racism, poverty, and the struggles of urban life created a stigma around thier communities and how and what they do to deal with these atrocities to thier friends, family, and to thier culture. 
I am not from the hood, I don't know that life, nor will I ever claim to know it or what it is like. Growing up this form of expression has spoken to so many, and rap and hip hop music has most definitely made its mark on music today. As I do not know that life, I respect the craft, the musicianship and lyrical expression of the genre. Hip Hop has helped give people a voice. My goal is to rap about what is going on in My community, The Pagan Community. Even though Paganism and Witchcraft is more accepted today than it was in the past there is still a sense of taboo surrounding it's practice. A sense of misunderstanding. I rap for the pagan that is misunderstood by his family, or the young idealist pagan that lost his job for refusing to remove his pentacle. I rap for us, in an effort to paint a true picture of pagan life and to let both the magickal and mundane worlds know. That Pagans are people too. We are no different from each other we just see the world in different ways. Blessed Be Everyone! 

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