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Cloud is a Pagan Rapper from the Southern New Jersey/ Philadelphia Area, He has been a practicing Witch for over 20 years, He is High Priest of the Moon Willow Circle located in Southern New Jersey and has just come on as the Host for International Pagan Radio's YouTube Channel. A veteran of the U.S. Army he is also listed at Joint Base MDL in NJ as clergy for soldiers on post that are seeking other Pagans to practice with on base and or in thier local area. His music was designed to push boundaries within Pagan Music by bringing a mainstream feel, His love for Hip Hop and love of his craft have combined to create a unique brand of Pagan Hip Hop with lessons about Witchcraft, combatting misconceptions, and raising awareness taking the forefront. He loves Pagan Music of all different forms, plays multiple instruments and sings.....a little bit.
His travels have taken him many places and he has studied in different traditions, thus making his path quite crooked and eclectic. 

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